Título: Opening of the XOOPS Cube Wiki
Autor: admin
Data: 2006-10-08 16:20:00
We are pleased to announce the XOOPS Cube Wiki. Please check out 'Wiki' in the Main Menu.

The Wiki is for all users and developers of the XOOPS Cube. The Wiki will hold information of XOOPS Cube, such as information of core system, modules, how to migrate, themes and so on.
The Wiki is accessible for everyone, editable by registered users of this site.

Creating documents for the XOOPS Cube is now at the first stage. Your participation and contribution will help us a lot. We hope the Wiki will become main contents of this portal as well as the forum.

To edit and add contents to the Wiki, login to this website and visit the wiki page to edit. Please be sure to read the portal policy before editing.

We appreciate your support and contributions to this project.

Best regards,
The XOOPS Cube Project Team.

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