Título: Lykos Blocks 1.2
Autor: gibaphp
Data: 2003-12-02 10:03:23
Lykos Blocks 1.2

This is a complete rewrite of the code, maintaining all features, fixing certain bigs, and adding a few requested features also.

This contains the following blocks:
- x most recent articles in a given category
- x most read articles in a given category
- a site stats block

----==== Requirement ====----

Xoops 2.05 or Greater

----==== Installing ====----

1. Upload the folder inside the zip to the XOOPS modules folder.
2. Login to your site as Admin, go Admin -> Modules, install Lykos Blocks.
3. Look for the blocks in Admin->Blocks.

----==== Upgrading ====----

1. You should uninstall and delete all files from any previous version.
2. Follow the instructions for installation above.

----==== Bugs/Features ====----

Fixed bugs in recent articles block that would only show 1 article.
Added new features found in standard 2.05 news block.
Changed category entry to a drop down menu.
Added smarty support to stats block.

----==== To Do ====----

Category block for mylinks and mydownloads?
Admin for stats, enabling module selection
Dynamic xoops_version.php to cater for multiple identical blocks

----==== Credits/Thanks ====----

Chapi, for the spankingly good new logo
Henessy , for valuable input

News blocks adapted from blocks in News Module, XOOPS 2.05

----==== Supporte/Feed ====----

----==== Download/Release ====----

----==== Testes/Observações ====----
Não deixe de informar os seus testes me nosso fórum.

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