Título: Atualização do Xoops 2.0.5 para 2.0.6 Brasil
Autor: Mikhail
Data: 2004-02-06 23:55:00
Formato ZIP (289 KB):
xoops-2.0.5-to-2.0.6.patch-pt-br.zip 7/2/2004 15:37:00

Para atualizar o seu XOOPS 2.0.5, copie os arquivos deste pacote no diretório do seu Xoops, substituindo todos os arquivos existentes (não é necessário alterar as permissões). Após substituir os arquivos, vá na administração do seu XOOPS e clique nos botões "Atualizar" dos módulos "sistema" (system), fórum (newbb), e "Lista de membros" (xoopsmembers), para que todas as mudanças surtam efeito por completo.

A versão completa em português ainda está sendo preparada. Perdão pela demora, obrigado pela paciência.
[raios] Mikhail Miguel. image (obs: o changelog está na continuação)

XOOPS v2 Changelog

2/6/2004: Version 2.0.6
- Removed calls to XoopsHandlerRegistry class (onokazu)
- Fixed loop problem after retrieving a lost password (onokazu)
- Changed all include() calls to include_once() for xoopscodes.php (onokazu)
- Added routines to remove users from the online member list when a user is deleted (onokazu)
- Added parameters to the Critreria class constructor to allow the use of DB functions in SQL criteria (skalpa)
- Added fetchBoth() method to the XoopsDatabase class (skalpa)
- Fixed typos in class/smarty/plugins/resource.db.php (skalpa)
- Refactoring in /class/xoopsform/form.php (skalpa)
- Added some methods to /class/xoopsform/formelement.php to allow the use of accesskey and class attributes in form element tags (skalpa)
- Fixed extra HTML tags not being displayed when using the XoopsThemeForm::insertBreak() method (Catzwolf)
- Changed the default HTTP method of the search form to GET (onokazu)
- Fixed notification constants not being included during installation (onokazu)
- Fixed session data not being properly escaped before inserting to the database (onokazu)
- Some useful changes to the group permission form (onokazu)
- Fixed the block cachetime selection being reset after preview (onokazu)
- Fixed invalid regex patterns used for username filtering, also added fix to allow the safe use of multi-byte characters in username (contributed by GIJOE)
- Fixed bug where some blocks were not being displayed in block admin page on certain occasions (onokazu)
- Fixed the problem of system admin icon disappearing on certain occasions (onokazu)
- Fixed the errorhandler class to check the current error_reporting level before handleing errors (onokazu)
- Re-activated the errorhandler class (onokazu)
- Updated class/Snoopy.php to the latest version, v1.01 (onokazu)
- Fixed a typo in kernel/online.php (onokazu)
- Added some useful functions to include/xoops.js (skalpa)
- Fix for Opera in include/xoops.js (onokazu)
- Fixed user bio and signature values causing corruption in the edit profile form on certain occasions (onokazu)
- Fixed the module name being reset to the default value after module update (onokazu)
- Fixed invalid regex patterns in xoopslists.php (onokazu)
- Fixed a few issues with register_globals setting
- Fix for the auto-login feature (not activated)
- Fixed image categories not being displayed in the order set by admin (onokazu)- Fixed a typo in kernel/config.php (onokazu)
- Fixed comments not being displayed in the order as requested (onokazu)
- Fixed the mailer class not setting some header values (onokazu)
- Fixed chmod problem in class/uploader.php
- Fixed magic_quotes related problems in class/uploader.php
- Fixed notification routines causing a fatal error while trying to notify non-existent users (onokazu)
- Added fix to convert & to & within mail messages (onokazu)
- Fixed html special characters causing problem when submitting a new module name (onokazu)
- Fixed javascript error in mailuser form (onokazu)
- Fixed javascript error in calendar date select form
- Added a new Smarty function <{xoops_link}> (skalpa)
- Added check to prevent webmaster user/group from being removed completely (contributed by Ryuji)

- Security fix in modules/newbb/viewtopic.php (onokazu)
- Security fix in modules/newbb/viewforum.php (onokazu)
- Added register_globals related fix to topicmanager.php (onokazu)
- Fixed topic moderation icons not being displayed for moderators in templates/newbb_thread.html (onokazu)
- Fixed topic time not being displayed in recent posts block on certain occasions in blocks/newbb_new.php (onokazu)
- Added fix to correctly navigate to the requested post even when the post is not on the first page of flat view (contrib by GIJOE in class/forumpost.php, viewtopic.php, viewforum.php)

- Added missing global variable declarations to index.php (onokazu)

- Added register_globals related fix to modfile.php (onokazu)

- Added fix to always display published date in each article (onokazu)
- Added missing ?> at the end of file in xoops_version.php (onokazu)
- Some fixes in admin/index.php

- Fixed color bar selections not working when creating/editing a new poll (onokazu)

- Fixed 'more than X posts' not working when set to 0 (onokazu)
- Added a new language constant to language/english/main.php (Catzwolf)
- Removed invalid HTML tags in templates/xoopsmembers_searchresults.html (Catzwolf)

1/5/2004: Version
- Security fix in modules/mylinks/myheader.php
- Security fix in modules/mylinks/visit.php
- Security fix in modules/mylinks/admin/index.php

11/22/2003: Version
- Added $option parameter to xoops_gethandler function (skalpa)
- Security fix in banners.php (onokazu)
- Security fix in modules/newss/include/forumform.inc.php (onokazu)
- Security fix in include/common.php (onokazu)
- Temporarily disabled XoopsErrorHandler class (onokazu)
- Security fix in include/functions.php (onokazu)
- Removed XoopsHandlerRegistry class (onokazu)
- Added fix for preventing users entering infinite loop when recovering a lost password (onokazu)

10/8/2003: Version 2.0.5
- Fixed template files not being updated even when the 'allow update from themes directory' option was enabled in preferences
- Fixed RSS channel title being cutoff at special characters
- Minor bug fix in pagenav.php
- Fixed blocks disappearing from the block admin page on certain occasion
- Additional fixes to work with register_globals off
- Fixed problem with XoopsCode Img button not working on certain occasion
- Added missing SQL query in kernel/avatar.php
- Fixed problem with the newbb module where users could post without a thread title on certain occasion
- Fixed problem in banner admin page where banner edit form not being displayed on certain occasion
- Fixed group selection option in the blocks admin page not being selected on certain occasion
- Fixed poll option textbox forms not displaying the correct values
- Fixed show all link in user profile page not working in 2.0.5RC
- Additional phrases in language/english/global.php(_NOTITLE), language/english/search.php(_SR_IGNOREDWORDS), install/language/english/install.php(_INSTALL_L128, _INSTALL_L200)
- Added check in install/index.php to read $HTTP_ACCEPT_LANGUAGE on initial load

9/30/2003: Version 2.0.5 RC
- Fixed e-mail checking bug mentioned in http://www.xoops.net.br/modules/newbb/viewtopic.php?topic_id=12288&forum=2 (mvandam)
- Fixed a number of bugs in blocks admin page (onokazu)
- More usability fix in blocks admin page (onokazu)
- Fixed forum topic links to correctly use the # feature in url (onokazu)
- Fixed password checking bug mentioned in http://www.xoops.net.br/modules/newbb/viewtopic.php?topic_id=12301&post_id=49369&order=0&viewmode=flat&pid=49203&forum=21#forumpost49369
- Fixed database connection error when creating database during install (onokazu)
- Fixed mb_output_handler causing problems in backend.php/image.php/downloader (onokazu)
- Fixed search feature to use GET requests for prev/next/showall links (onokazu)
- Register_globals related fix in /include/comment_post.php (contrib by gstarrett)
- Added $xoopsUserIsAdmin global variable (onokazu)
- Added xoops_getLinkedUnameById function to /include/functions.php (Catzwolf)
- Fixed invalid Smarty tags in /modules/system/templates/system_siteclosed.html, /modules/system/templates/system_redirect.html, /modules/system/templates/system_imagemanager2.html (onokazu)

9/19/2003: Version 2.0.4
- Added [siteurl][/siteurl] tag to XoopsCode (mvandam)
- Fixed a typo in class/uploader.php (onokazu)
- Fixed some redirect problems after login (onokazu)
- registre_globals fix in include/comment_view.php (onokazu)
- Xoops.org news is disabled by default in the admin section (onokazu)
- Added a new error handler class (class/errorhandler.php) (mvandam)
- Fixed XoopsGroupPermHandler returning duplicate permissions (onokazu)
- Fixed block-disappearing problem in blocks admin (onokazu)
- Fixed typo in kernel/notification.php (mvandam)
- Added XoopsGuestUser class in kernel/user.php (onokazu)
- Fixed newbb module to correctly use the # feature in URL (onokazu)
- Improved usability in blocks admin section
- Reduced number of users to display in group/edituser page to max 200 users (onokazu)
- Fixed bug where admins could add users with a existing username (onokazu)
- Added files for module developers to easily add group permisson feature (modules/system/groupperm.php, class/xoopsform/groupperm.php) (onokazu)
- Fixed typo in register.php (onokazu)

6/17/2003: Version 2.0.3
- fixed CSS related bug in global search page
- register_globals bug fix in comments
- Smarty updated to 2.5.0
- fixed typo in kernel/object.php
- fixed group permission bug
- fixed bug where image categories were deleted after group permission update
- fixed bug where user votes could not be deleted in the mylinks module
- fixed some language typos
- changed XoopsGroupPermHandler::getItemIds to accept an array fot the second parameter (gperm_groupid), which was required in certain places..
- removed avatar image files

4/25/2003: Version 2.0.2
- security fix to prevent malicious cross site scripting attacks (onokazu)
- fixed character encoding problem for some languages when using the mailer class (onokazu)
- fixed some major bugs in the xoopsheadline module (onokazu)
- fixed some cookie related problems in the forums module (mvandam)

4/18/2003: Version 2.0.1
- fixed bug where notification feature could not be turned on
- fixed character encoding problem for some languages when using the mailer class (onokazu)
- fixed the theme selection block to work again
- fixed typo in kernel/module.php
- fixed incorrect table name in xoops_version.php of the new headline module
- changed max limit size of some columns in the configoption table
- fixed image manager bug when using db store method
- xoops.org can now be disabled by adding nonews=1

4/16/2003: Version 2.0.0
- xoopsheadlines module replaced with xoopsheadline module to fix character encoding problems
- numerous bug fixes

3/19/2003: Version 2.0.0 RC3

- a major change in the handling of theme files, the detail of which you can read in this article (onokazu)
- a new global notification feature that can easily be incorporated into modules (that use Smarty) by only modifying xoops_version.php and template files (mvandam)
- SMTP support using phpMailer (bunny)
- group permission tables merged into one table (onokazu)
- code refactoring

2/9/2003: Version 2.0.0 RC2
A bug fix release..
- avatar upload bug
- themeset image upload bug
- register_globals fix
- recommend us block error
- error message displayed upon submit of news article
- page navigation bug in some modules
- blank page bug on some servers
- SQL displayed in blocks admin

1/31/2003: Version 2.0.0 RC1
The first public release of 2.0 series.
For new features that have been added from 1.3.x, please refer to
the articles listed below:

06/02/2004 23:55:00 - ainda estou traduzindo a versão 2.0.6 do Xoops. passarei a madrugada melhorando, e, quando terminar, troco esta notícia... to substituindo boa parte das imagens por outras que considero melhores (além de traduzindo todas elas para o português). Também tô colocando neste pacote todos os temas Zaja7 e os inspirados no IPB. Se você tiver qualquer idéia pra este pacote, por gentileza, comente!
[karatê] [espera]

07/02/2004 09:15:00 - hehe... ainda tô trabalhando no pacote br do XOOPS 2.0.6... melhor dar uma deitada, depois continuo e termino com calma... (putz, isto aqui tá parecendo um blog, hehe)..... perdão pela demora e obrigado pela paciência!

07/02/2004 13:30:00 - querido diário, (rs), acabei de acordar e me dei conta que não será possível lançar o pacote completo tão rápido, mantendo a qualidade desejada. Por isso tô colocando apenas a atualização do XOOPS 2.0.5 para a 2.0.6...

Achei melhor "esconder" este post por estar "pessoal" demais, hehe...

btw, mais por vir...

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