Título: [MODULE] Edito 2.2 - new version
Autor: admin
Data: 2004-09-24 06:24:50
I'm glad to announce the final release of Edito 2.2.

Edito is a powerful but easy to use content manager, which allows you to create as much as you want pages with hml and BBcodes, or simple texte.

Edito 2.2 is available in our download section!

This version feature many new function in comparison with the 1.x serie. Click on read more for... more.

Attention, this version is not compatible with any previous version, and require a ful reinstallation.

Happy Xoopsing !


- Xoops text edito
- Pictures uploader
- Index page
- Logo, title
- Ranking (date, alphabet, popularity,…)
- Up to 4 different blocks with multiple possibilities (see above)
- Default text
- Default and restricted configuration
- Group access management

There are many way to use edito. Almost each and every things you see in this module can be changed easily, for each edito, or generally with module settings. The admin can define general settings for each edito, or let each edito being settled up…
- show picture
- show title
- show block’s content or not
- show link in navigation blocks

In the general setting, you can define many things :
- default index text
- directories for picture upload
- date format
- pictures size
- index order
- default text for new editos
- possible extended options for each editos…

There are 4 available multipurpose blocks with edito. Each and everyone of them can have various functions :
- show latest edito
- show most popular
- show randomly
- show linked edito (block content depends on the edito you are on)
- show a particular edito

The navigation block allows to show online edito in a different block.

You can reach any edito through various way :
- index page (with or without picture)
- main menu sublinks
- navigation block (with or withouth pictures)

You can easily administrate your editos through the general admin page, or directly with direct edition button. You will be able to switch easily between administration and visualisation.

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