Título: XOOPS Cube Legacy 2.1.4 RC has been released!
Autor: admin
Data: 2008-01-03 23:29:50
XCL 2.1.4 RC is available for test. 2.1.4 is minor upgrade version
from 2.1.3, fixed many bugs and implemented some small features. As
you know, test is important for quality and needs man powers. Join
to test 2.1.4 RC, please.

If you are webmaster using XCL and have some free time for
volunteer activity, check whether XCL 2.1.4 RC doesn't give any
troubles to you.

Important Upgrade Topics
You may check whether these fixes work correctly in your

===Request #1914552===
This is important additional patch for Multi-byte languages like
CJK (Chinese, Japanese and Korean). The installer tried to create
database with default-character-set specified by my.cnf, so that
may causes garbled display in CJK. This patch is patch to solve the
issue for Japanese submitted by Japanese contributors. But, that's
also sample for other multi-byte languages. Your mother language
may solve garbled display by the following rule:

1. Makes
2. Write code there. The following is sample in Japanese:

<?php $result = $this->db->query("CREATE DATABASE ".XOOPS_DB_NAME." DEFAULT CHARACTER SET ujis"); if ($result == false) { $result = $this->db->query("CREATE DATABASE ".XOOPS_DB_NAME); }

This tries to create database with 'ujis', not 'latin1'. You may
try to copy this file to your language directory and replace 'ujis'
with your language code to work XCL correctly.

===Fix Bug #1779754===
It was impossible to post comments correctly in the modules having
"extraParams". This fix has to be confirmed with various

===Fix Bug #1912990===
XBecause XCL didn't run correctly on some environments, XCL stooped
using PHP_SELF and began using REQUEST_URI instead of it. We have
to confirm that any troubles don't occur on existing environments.
Is your environment green?

===Fix Bug #1729813===
(This is Japanese XoopsMultiMailerLocal)
This is old fix, but RC got an additional patch around this. These
patches might fix NOTICE and send a mail correctly.

===Fix Bug #1833146===
In Theme Manifesto, you could use "licence" item, but that was
TYPO. License is right. By that, XCube_Theme loads both of
'license' and 'licence' to member property $mLicense and $mLicence.
But, XCube_Theme::mLicence is deprected member property. If you
write a new manifesto in your theme since now, write 'license' not

===Fix Bug #1738936===
Validator of XOOPS Cube is non-conforming RFC for circumstance in
some countries, but it has to accept the mail addresses that is RFC
compliant. Anyway XCube_EmailValidator was fixed by this policy. We
hope that programers checks the regex-expression of

Needs confirming

===Bug #1709886===
This bug was fixed at old versions, but nobody has not confirmed
this. To close this item, we hope that someone checks whether you
can login through SSL with extra program, even if you don't use old
extra program for SSL login.

===Bug #1801317===
Disconnected after I change the "Search Options" ... This bug's
Resolution is "Works For Me". We need more informations to decide
whether this bug was fixed by previous versions. If you know some
issues or some possibility about this issue, tell us, please.

Upgrade from 2.1.3 to 2.1.4 RC

Remove mainfile.php and /install directory from the package not to
break your current environment. Next, upload files of the package
to your server. Finally, do update modules indicating red icon in
the module management of the control panel. You may close the site
in the control panel to hide your upgrading.

Change Log

[Bug Fix - From Bug Tracker]
- Fix Bug #1779754 - cannot POST extraParams on XOOPS Comment
- Fix Bug #1833191 - [lang] lisense message of installer
- Fix Bug #1867504 - showall anchor text must be urlencoded (Search
- Fix Bug #1868269 - Notice[PHP] at
- Fix Bug #1880410 - Too strict checking for block's weight
- Fix Bug #1887557 - XoopsObjectGenericHandler::getCount has
doesn't use variable
- Fix Bug #1888226 - Bio in users table doesn't use Validator
- Fix Bug #1895776 - Installer settingmanager.php
- Fix Bug #1897588 - Language misrecognition on Install
- Fix Bug #1899424 - Could not work sort perfectly in image
- Fix Bug #1899947 - 2nd Installer never activate blocks
- Fix Bug #1908649 - missing file_exists arg in helpimage
- Fix Bug #1901153 - tell a friend doesn't work
- Fix Bug #1901334 - Wrong module version display in the module
- Fix Bug #1904092 - redirect_header failed keep session
- Fix Bug #1908539 - Smarty "regex_replace" Modifier Template
Security Bypass
- Fix Bug #1885392 - Cannot get cookiePath rightly
- Fix Bug #1897588 - Language misrecognition on Install
- Fix Bug #1897089 - xoops_redirect argument too match escape
- Fix Bug #1804621 - admin.php + mainfile writeable = path
disclosure vulnerabili
- Fix Bug #1900435 - ClickableConvert miss email address
- Fix Bug #1911181 - The danger where session ID leaks exists
- Fix Bug #1911191 - $GLOBALS['xoopsTpl'] is overwritten
- Fix Bug #1912990 - Use REQUEST_URI instead of PHP_SELF
- Fix Bug #1914480 - default_charset in the installer
- Fix Bug #1914552 - Adding DEFAULT CHARACTER SET into
- Fix Bug #1905910 - Wrong dependencies in templates for 2nd

[Bug Fix - From "XCube" Bug Tracker]
- Fix Bug #1833146 - Typo : "Lisence" on
- Fix Bug #1835831 - Locale namespace
- Fix Bug #1902823 - Controller cannot set extra root path at site
- Fix Bug #1738936 - Mail address which conforms to RFC2822 is
refused Validation

[Patches - From Feature Request Tracker]
- Request #1905593 - Needs IsReverseProxy in
- Request #1898144 - Modifying 2nd Installer

[Other Changes/Enhancements]
- Added Traditional Chinese Message Catalogs (language pack).
- Patch #1875606 - Added Portuguese Message Catalogs (language pack
by Mikhail Miguel)
- Patch #1897498 - Password charactor check

- Gigamaster (xoopserver)
- gusagi
- hiro1173
- jidaikobo
- kilica
- Mikhail
- minahito
- mumincacao
- nbuy (aka nobu)
- nobunobu
- okuhiki
- tohokuaiki
- tokitam
- tom_g3x
- wanderer

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