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Data: 2006-6-21(Nós)
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Yes that's right, XOOPS documentation has a new home: http://xoopsdocs.net
At the XOOPS Docs site you will find released documents and documentation in various stages of development. There are 3 main areas:
1. Released documents
2. Workspace for docs in progress (including translations in progress)
3. Discussion area (docs-related discussions only)

The Workspace has two extra areas for an ongoing documenting goal - to document details of all released Modules and Translations, and to keep these details current!

A lot of work has been done to get the site to this stage, but there's plenty more to do. If you've always wanted to contribute to XOOPS in some way, but weren't sure how... here's your chance! XOOPS Documentation needs you!
The XOOPS Docs site was designed to be accessable and usable for the entire international XOOPS community. It is available in a number of languages (more to be added) and there is a workspace and discussion forum for every language. This is just a start, it's an ongoing process and needs the input of the community to say what needs to be changed and how to improve the system.

So please join in, collaborate to improve the XOOPS documentation and the XOOPS Documentation site itself to make it a tool we can all use.

See you at the XOOPS Docs site!

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