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Título: Xoop Site Rocks with Metphysical & Occult Science
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Data: 2006-9-30(Sábado)
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An advanced featured Divination, Metaphysical, Psychic & Astrological Website build with 100% Features of XOOPS (I really love this XOOPS) taking advantage of all its major modules. The theme used is imago06.

Free Psychic Visions www.freepsychicvisions.com/community ) a new socio-charity psychic community is getting higher attention among the public who are looking for 100% free psychic readings, prayers and healing requests and even with seekers of reliable resources for metaphysical & divination learning.

This online community is promoted by a group of experienced psychics, mediums, astrologers, clairvoyants, psychic tutors & healers who are dedicating their free time for serving the public who cannot afford to pay for online or live psychic readings. Further they also spend their time to train and teach the emerging psychics and give them an online platform for practicing and enhancing their inborn talents.

This site features two inbuilt bulletin board, the former one is focused for free psychic reading, healing & counsel and the later one focused for metaphysical learning. This community site also gives importance to reviews & ratings on psychics, psychic related websites, divination books, music & gifts. Further, with plenty of articles, opinions & polls, spiritual directory, download of free psychic e-books, photo gallery & blogs, this online community is definitely a hangout for both PSYCHICS & PSYCHIC SEEKERS.

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