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Título: Operating System News .com
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Data: 2007-2-19(Segunda-feira)
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Operating System News.com is focused on exploring everything about Operating Systems be it PC, Mac or in beded devices. We also hope to expose many Open Source Application, & Information Technology - what ever it's platform.

The site serves to provide a community portal for existing Microsoft Windows users, new and experienced Linux users, Apple Mac users, and all other types of Operating Systems, to a place for people to share ideas, information, news, screenshots, and much more...

Your knowledge may be some one else's source, and hence the cyle continues.

I hope everyone enjoys using this site and is able to share and find something new on it.

Please feel free to register and help make this an active and exciting place to visit.

This site will become what the users want it to become, so tell us what you think and what you want is what this site will become. image

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