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Título: Quanzhou community service information
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Data: 2007-2-19(Segunda-feira)
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The Quanzhou community service information network is utilizes the modern computer and the network technology, the collection information network, 服务网 is a body, reorganizes, synthesis processing to the whole city community service information collection, displays the information introduction, the organization service, the resources sharing function, provides the high-quality service to the community inhabitant the network system. Provides each kind of government affairs, commercial and the public welfare information service through this network to the community inhabitant, everyone to each domain, the different level service demand with can provide the service the resources closely to relate in together. It has concentrated each kind of information which the common people daily needs, but also scraped together had the Quanzhou characteristic the service information, including the convenient service, the management guide, the community was public, the community service, the medical consultation, the legal consultation, the home education, the free issue and the network interconnection and so on, was the common people website.

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