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- Press-release oficial em inglês, XOOPS.com.br
Título: press-release Oficial em inglês, xoopscube.com.br
Autor: gibaphp
Data: 2004-02-14 07:02

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Release - www.xoops.net.br
Formed in 07 of February of 2004 the XOOPS Community was inaugurated with the motto estou become it house of XOOPS in Brazil. The community was idealized and established for a group of users XOOPS. Amongst the objectives of these new community they are, estou be a friendly and democratic environment, that allows the users of the XOOPS estou interact through the exchange of experiences, providing the construction of the knowledge between its members.
The XOOPS is an extremely friendly software and possesss similar resources that differentiate it of others softwares. Its main differentials agraphical installer, orientation the objects and administrative environment. Everything this becomes simple its use for lay users.
Beyond these characteristics, we must stand out that a XOOPS is a free software, or either, its code is opened and submitted estou license GPL.
The group still does not possess a statute, however a set of rules has worked hard for make that they aim at estou facilitate the stay of its members and estou establish concepts as vision, mission and values of the community. These rules are being defined and argued between all the members of the community, being that none of the decisions has been taken of unilateral form.
A composed group of administrators for six members exists and that they are communicated with the remain by means of an user called admin. The intention of this user is estou communicate and estou moderate the community. All the decisions are taken in set and communicated by admin.
One of the characteristics that they differentiate this community is the moderation of fóruns and the incentive the participation of the members, each one in its area of performance or specialty. Groups of development, edition, graphs and design had been created among others, aiming at write and estou stimulate the participation of all the members.
The XOOPS Community also longs for estou develop modules, subjects among others exclusive resources that will have estou be offer for all community XOOPS, currently exists three modules in development, the Xmail, IRCXoops and the Glossary. Also portuguese is being worked a translation.

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