WordPress para o XOOPS Cube

Primeiro portal experimental em XOOPS Cube 2.2

Nuno Luciano desenvolveu um portal com demonstrando alguns dos novos
avanços que deverão ser incluídos na versão 2.2 do XOOPS Cube Legacy,
cujo principal foco é resolver problemas relacinados às interfaces.

Visitem: http://cubeshow.co.cc/

"One of the most difficult tasks people can perform, however much others may despise it, is the invention of good games."

C.G. Jung

Since XOOPS Cube branch 2.2 main goal is to improve User Interface,
documentation and show the possibilities of Legacy. We start a
designers workshop with a short explanation of Legacy features and a
simple ‘game’ with a combination of challenge, competition and
interaction to have fun.

Saying we could do almost everything, I had to create a development
environment, downloading and installing a server and the last Package
Legacy (SVN) to create a Mac-like web desktop.

Only open source technologies and software were allowed. The final
site should run with default package only, without any extra module

Here is the stuff used and the final web site

Withe paper and color pen used to write the rough draft ^^

Cubeshow.co.cc – Configuration
Nuno Luciano
Development Environment

Xoopserver 5 Portable WAMP
Firefox with Debug Extensions
Editor and FTP

XOOPS Cube – Package Legacy 2.2
(blocks, no modules installed)

jQuery User Interface – Webx
David Leonard

Desktop Icons set – Old School
Sebastien Durel

Background – Wallpapers
Tranquility, by Lee25
Vnss Tiny World, by Jesar
Yoritsuki, by Hybridworks
Zen Attitude, by Pickupjojo

23 December 2008

Site URL : http://cubeshow.co.cc/

There’s a conflict with jQuery and YUI librairie.
Recommended browsers are : Firefox, Opera, Safari.

Have Fun !

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