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WAKU (old name: Auth module)
Date:  14/2/2010
What is WAKU?
WAKU is "frame" in Japanese.
A name comes by surrounding the HTML files with a frame of XOOPS.
* changed a name from "Auth module"
* you may understand in "Simple HTML wrap module"
WAKU became the English support by your voice that XOOPS Project needed!!

- You change this file and can display a favorite document.
- Furthermore, you can add a favorite file.
- Please change the URL from "index.html" to a add a file name.
- Do you want to display the image? Please just put the picture file!
- Or please put a picture file in "files" folder. Refer to this in "".
- Do you want to delete "index.php/" from URL? If mod_rewrite is usable with a server, it is possible.
- WAKU can display a different file by a user.
- Do you want to move PHP? WAKU can increase PHP, too!
- WAKU can use CGI, too! (Perl, Python, Ruby... By a server)

WAKU cannot edit a file. Please edit directly this file of "index.html".
When you want to edit a file, please use File Manager.
Please build a splendid XOOPS site with WAKU!
Presented by 2 8 6.

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