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Version: 1.4   Date:  21/7/2011

Newbbex is a Xoops module, willingly simple, wich allows you to have a forum on your site. You can visually create an unlimited number of public and private forums, connected to categories and moderated by one or several person. You can manage permissions with many exactness, as a consequence, you can choose who do what and where. Topics creation can be, according to your wish (and per forum), limited to a group or be authorized to everybody. You can give moderations rights to different users for different forums. Practical to encourage debates, the module is delivered with some blocks so that it's easier for you to manage it. Based on the 2.0.5 version of the Xoops forum, I have made some modifications :

1) The administration have been modified and contains now, like phpBB a more visual list of your forums with the possibility to add, delete and modify your categories and forums.
WARNING when you delete a forum or a ategory, there's no confirmation !

2) When you add or when you modify a forum, you will see 3 new options in the configuration page :
Replace user's name with real name
Show icons panel
Show smilies panel

The two last options enable you to have a "lighter" interface

3) I have added 5 new blocks :
- Public topics without answer
- Private topics without answer
- Public and private topics without answer
- Recent private and public topics
- Forums statistics

4) The module highlight the searched words

5) The module creates significative webpages titles

6) Automatic generation of meta keywords and meta descriptions

For more information and explanations and screen shots, see the home page.

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