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XOOPS 21/7/2011 Khat 1.5 - módulo de chat Khat is a block chat and is now available in french on Inconnue Team bug fix smilies for rc2 email and url cliquables configuation iframes and height!     386 0
XOOPS 20/4/2011 XOOPS Cube Legacy Nightly Nightly XOOPS Cube Legacy Nightly. Importante: antes de instalar, vá na pasta "extras/extra_languages" e copie todos os arquivos da pasta "pt_utf8\html\*" para dentro da pasta "ht... 722 0
XOOPS 16/8/2008 XOOPS Cube Legacy v2.1.6 em português 2.1.6 XOOPS Cube Legacy v2.1.6 em português. 2209 0




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