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TDMStats Popular
Version: 1.06   Date:  02/2/2010
Here is the corrected and improved version of the Istat statistical module for Xoops, TDMStats rename this module gives you a maximun of information about your visitors.

Module Options:
- Bar Chart with color choices.
- Visit: by Time, Reference, Country, Day of the month, week, month, time, page, module.
- System: Browser, OS, Resolution, Colors, Hostname.
- Choice of theme.
- Resolution of the country with visitor's flag.

- Block with choice of information displayed

Language Module:
- French
- English
- Persian
- Spanish

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Mastop Publish Popular
Version: 1.1   Date:  01/2/2010
Mastop Publish is a new concept in content management for XOOPS sites, following the standards of OO development, facilitating the inclusion of new resources. A revolution in the disposal of menu and submenu blocks, that is total configurable, besides the new system of files management, flash animations, images and videos.


* Visual Editor (TinyMCE)
* Integration with Xoops Image Library
* File Manager
* Media Manager
* YouTube Plugin
* ExclusivePlugin for Keywords for Dynamic Content
* Plugin to use the visual editor for the entire site
* Exclusive Administration Area
* Exclusive Menus / Submenus system
* Pageviews Control
* Page Title and Menu Text in Separated Fields
* Individual Access Permissions
* Menu Text at the URL
* Navigation Bar at the the Top of Pages
* Links to Related Pages
* Page visibilty Control
* IFrames Support (Inline Frames)
* HTML Page Manager
* "Recommend to a friend" and "Print" system configurable
* Exclusive Block Management
* 3 Types of Configurable Menus
* Exclusive Color Picker
* Exclusive Security Control for Comments
* Highlight System for Researched Terms
* Authors Control
* Clone Blocks and Pages

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MultiMenu Popular
Version: 2.08   Date:  01/2/2010
1) The 2.0 version is absolutely not compatible with any previous version of multimenu (thus any 1.x previous version).
The 2.0 version has been redevelopped from scratch and has nothing to do, regarding code, nore spiritwise with the older version. So, do not attempt to replace and upgrade from a previous version.

Instead, you can install it side by side withe the oldest versions.

2) No guaranties are provided with this module though!


This 2.0 version is full of new functionalities. For instance :

- no more limitations regarding the number of available menus (you can create as much menus as you want).

- categorisation of the module's general settings ;

- image manager (upload and manage your menu pictures directly with the module build in thumb manage) ;

- Template manager (customise your templates directly in the build in module template manager) ;

- Separated code (html, java script and style sheets are separated from the source code and managed independently) ;

- Automatic detection of new custom templates ;

- Templates are common to both index pagea and bloc menus ;

- 2 clicks module cloning utility ;

- Query manager (which allow you to automatically feed your menus from your xoops site database - from any other modules) ;

- Style sheet preferences are availaible for templates, menues and links level.

- Deep group permission settings (from menu to links).

- wider relative links settings (from a module to a specific page).

- Build in contextual help.


- Sorry for all who requested it, but the module doesn't support more than one sub link level (I know you will hate me for that).

- Not all english defines are over (tips defines mainly). Sorry for that. If anyone feel like to give me a hand on this, he (or she) is welcome.

- module available in french and english at the moment. Feel free to submit your language files.

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AdsLight Popular
Version: 1.0.0   Date:  24/1/2010
AdsLight is a free module for Xoops,
which can be integrated into Xoops site manager classifieds.

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Group Manager Popular
Version: 1.01   Date:  19/1/2010
This module allows you to easily add or remove users from groups. It also allows you to set which group can change each others users, through xoops permissions.

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XoopsPoll 1.3 Popular
Version: 1.3   Date:  17/1/2010
A small update to the 1.2 version of XoopsPoll.

Changes include:
- Improved block, showing results after voting
- Possibility to allow/prohibit anonymous voting by poll
- Updated/fixed logic for checking if user has voted
- Fully PHP5, MySQL5, and XOOPS 2.4.x compatible
Install: Uninstall your old version of XoopsPoll and make a fresh install of the new version. As there has been database changes, an update won't work.

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Extgallery 1.0.8 Full Popular
Version: 1.0.8   Date:  19/12/2009
Extgallery pictures module for xoops

Extgallery 1.0.8 new versions... submitter.

demo site :

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Indexscan 2.03 Popular
Version: 2.03   Date:  07/12/2009

The modules scans your webfolders for missing index.html files.

It skips folders where there are already indexfiles (index.php, index.html, index.html).

If you find folders without you can automaticly create these by pressing "create index files".
New in 2.03- Check web files against checkfile with xoops file names and filter with allowed extensions in config. Red colored showing files not equal to the settings allow manuel delete using ajax+jquery to prevent page reload.
- Create backup containing only empty folders, index.html files and download as zip.
Why use index.html files ?
Unless the webmaster disallows casual folder browsing on the web server, most of the contents of each folder can be listed in a browser pointing to that Internet address. This concept is easily demonstrable by typing most any website address into the address bar of an Internet browser and simply adding a forward-slash and this folder name to the address:

If the folder of the website navigated to is not protected, a listing of all the files in the folder will be displayed. Any of the files in the resulting display may be right-clicked on and the 'save as' option taken in order to save that file to a hard drive. In most cases websites will have an images folder, and this folder will not ususually be protected from casual browsing. If so, the entire contents of the images folder will be accessible to the public at large.

Depending upon file types, the files in an unprotected web folder may or may not be accessible; .php, .asp, and .aspx files are not accessible although .gif, .jpg, .bmp, .png, and other image files are fully accessible. Additionally, without folder protection in place, a hacker can make use of configuration files as well, such as and that could be where the websites database connection strings are held! Therefore, the database itself could become compromised.

Source:Easy Website Security

The module looks through the txt in your index.php, index.html, index.htm, mainfile.php, headers and footers for the words iframe or code indicating encoded javascript etc wich is commonly used in coded javascript inserts.

Should it find some occurencies of these words you can yourself check the source code by clicking the red bar emmerging at the line for the file. Do not check the files just because the module finds these words in your pages. Not all uses of iframe and javascript is equal to damaging code and therefor better to check and if in doubt ask for help about what to do with these files.
Changes in 2.03
- Added possibility to check files in webfolders against xoops check file and filter from Config. Filter separates extensions of files presumed to be ok.
- Files found in check files marked red are presumed not to be part of Xoops, and can be deleted by the 'delete icon' using ajax + jquery avoid reloading the page.
- Added the PclZip.Class to create zip file on the fly for users not having php > 5.20.
- Scan to create back up from the folders residing in the admin/folder2backup. The scan creates a copy of the empty folders, existing index.html, index.php, index.htm files, delete all other files, creates new indexfiles, and create link to download as zip. Handy when working with developing and want to create a zip with nothing but index files.
I tested with htdoc from Xoops 2.4.4 in a Wamp, creation time is aprox. 2 minutes. Not tested in real server yet, but time must be considerble.
- New language defines are

 //Added in 2.03

define ("_MI_INDEXSCAN_ILLEGALFILETYPES", "Skip file types.");
define("_MI_INDEXSCAN_ILLEGALFILETYPES_DESC","Add files you wish to skip while 'checking files'.
These files will be considered 'safe'
if they also are listed in the file 'admin/filecheck.txt'.");
define("_MI_INDEXSCAN_FROMBACKUP", "Create file zip");
define ("_MI_INDEXSCAN_FROMBACKUP_DESC", "Creates a zip archieve with same folder structure from the folder you ftp to folder2backup.
The zip contains nothing but the folders and,
index.html files where missing from
your uploaded folder.

The folder name is the name of the folder in your folder2backup folder, for instance 'testing'.
You can delete 'testing' this folder is only for example.");

// Added in 2.03

 define ("_AM_INDEXSCAN_CHECKILLEGALFILES","Check files");
define ("_AM_INDEXSCAN_SCANNING4ILLEGALFILES", "Scanning web files");
define("_AM_INDEXSCAN_MAYBEOK", "Looks to be ok");
define ("_AM_INDEXSCAN_NOTINXOOPSINSTALL", "Not Xoops file");
define ("_AM_INDEXSCAN_FINISDILLEGAL", " files found that are not Xoops files. Total files scanned: ");
define ("_AM_INDEXSCAN_ILLEGAL_DESC", "The file found Not to be Xoops files, are checked against checkfile.txt in admin folder, and agains files in config defined as allowed file types.
These files could be unwanted tmp, thumbs.db, or info files.
If you you dont need these files add them to automaticly delete in config and they will be deleted when you run this scan next time.");
define ("_AM_INDEXSCAN_REALLYDELETE", "Are you sure ?, delete file.: ");
define("_AM_INDEXSCAN_CREATEZIP", "Create zip file for download");
define("_AM_INDEXSCAN_CREATINGZIP", "Creating backup with empty folders
plus index files.
define("_AM_INDEXSCAN_BACKEDUPDELETEDFROMBACKUP", "Deleted files in folder from backup except index.html files");
define("_AM_INDEXSCAN_BACKEDUP2", "Backed up folder.: ");
define("_AM_INDEXSCAN_DOWNLOADZIP", "Download index files zip");
define("_AM_INDEXSCAN_CREATINGZIPFORDOWNLOAD", "Creating zip file for download");
define("_AM_INDEXSCAN_CREATEDINDEXINBACKUP", "Created index file in backup folder");
define("_AM_INDEXSCAN_CLEANUPDONE", "Cleaning up...Done!");
define("_AM_INDEXSCAN_FILESARECOPIED", " Files were copied to backup folder");
define("_AM_INDEXSCAN_FILESDELETED", " Files were deleted from backup folder again");
define("_AM_INDEXSCAN_FILESCREATED", " Index.html files were created in backupfolder");

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Category Módulos
AM Contact Popular
Version: 0.08   Date:  20/11/2009
AM Contact is a site contact module for XOOPS v2 with 4 methods of anti-spam verification. These include a question and answer, and three image captcha options - module's built in image, XOOPS built in image (for consistency with XOOPS and other modules that use it) and the third party reCaptcha.

The GD2 graphics library is required for the image verification. This is compiled in to most PHP installs, but the question & answer or reCaptcha verification methods can be used instead if the image does not work.

The module should still work on older versions of XOOPS, but requires version 2.3 for the built in image captcha.

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Category Módulos
VideoTube v1.86 Popular
Version: 1.86   Date:  22/10/2009
Video Tube v1.86 is an XOOPS module providing the ability to search, embed and manage videos on your site. Search, preview and auto-fill submission offered for YouTube, DailyMotion, MetaCafe and plus a manual submission form for all other video services that offer video embedding.

This is a beta release contains a bug fix so searching and previewing YouTube videos works again. YouTube modified the JSON feed format which required an update in the VideoTube code. It also provides the addition of tags supporting Facebook sharer and a Preferences parameter to select whether or not the YouTube video description should be copied into the local database when a video is selected/submitted.

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Xortify 1.16 Popular
Version: 1.16   Date:  05/10/2009

Xortify - Fortify your XOOPS.

Xortify is a network security drone that uses Web 2.0 techniques to link between your XOOPS installs and other via a XML Cloud. This will prevent security intrusions to your xoops with accurate deceptive notation of the intruder and prevent any farmed attacks. It is an accessory and required Protector to be installed an running to be part of the hookup. Otherwise it will run without protector just make sure you deselect protector as a provider.

It will display a template if you are banned and is an accessory to protector or any other firewall technology. The site itself is driven from .. Cloud computing is web 2.0/3.0 stuff it used a SOAP XML exchange backend to work, this will eventually be included in xoops as a support class, that is SOAP protocol.
  • Communication of bad IPs with API Server
  • Use of Preload with 2.4+

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Category Módulos
Compounds Module - Chemical Online Modeler Popular
Version: 1.96   Date:  23/9/2009

Compounds 1.95

Compounds is a module for xoops 2.4 & 2.3. It utilizes some of the new features like decimal and floating point precision numbers to allow your end used to build compounds in XOOPS. A Compound is a combination of chemical periodical movements that allows for building larger chemical soups from.

The idea of this module is to generate a soup kitchen for compounds, see chemists don't have blogs they have what is called a soup and compounds is a component of this for your XOOPS Site. If you would like to see a demonstration of this module goto my wifes site -
The compounds module allows for dynamic building of alloys, cyclonic changes, isolinear particles and other forms of compounds. It has a dynamically assigned system and uses a symbolisation method to define display.

I wrote this module over a few days a week or so ago when I had no internet due to the bill. No chemical resources books or any have been used.

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WURFL for XOOPS 2.3 (Mobile Computing) Popular
Version: 1.24   Date:  21/9/2009

WURFL 1.24

WURFL is a module that will allow theme designers to implement themes customised for Mobile Computing. WURFL is a XML Database that this module will import and allow for propogation of it resources on User Agent based browsing of mobile phones.

WURFL is a world leader in Mobile communication data and this module utilizes WURFL from sourceforge (see.

This module will propogate data on the <{$wurfl}> smarty tag on array depths, you can set which providers you require for data to conversely populate on the source.

This will allow theme designers and module writters to search for data regarding mobile computing and allow for knowledge in the theme of RSS, CSS, Display Size, Image Types, Sound Fontage, and other data such as SMS and MMS.. As well as information about CHTML or XHTML sources.

Please enjoy this module as I have enjoyed writing it.

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Category Módulos
VidShop 1.55 - Video/Downloads Shop (Simple) Popular
Version: 1.55   Date:  20/9/2009

VidShop 1.55

VidShop is a video or binary shop that allow embedded video from external sources like youtube to be associated with binary downloads. The download are normally store in another directory of the .htaccess protected space know as the XOOPS_VAR_PATH .

You will have to create a directory for your binaries off 'xoops_data' as for example /home/ursite/xoops_data/downloads of course you can set this location as you please. The download section is a controlled section that allows for total count and day limited cleaning, that is removal of the purchase items if the download counter is maximized from clickiness.

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VJ Mixes 1.11 Popular
Version: 1.11   Date:  18/9/2009

VJ Mixes 1.11

VJ Mixes is a simple module developed for embedded video from online sources, it is a basic and easy to use module for development of an online resource of video's based in category. It is written primarily for XOOPS 2.3 and XOOPS 2.4 but should also work on earlier versions (untested).

This module is designed for the individual or business that requires to build and online archive of video repositories for the community which their website services.

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X-Movie 3.0 Popular
Version: 3.0   Date:  18/9/2009
This is my version of x_movie that I've been working on. I don't know what happened to the original writer of this module so I decided to work on this module myself.

This module has additional features, one being the ability to stream divx movies from stage6 or your local server.

This module also gives you the ability to add the dimensions of the video while at the same time setting a default max size and width you want to display. The video will be automatically resized if it goes past the max width.

For those of you that embed video from you local server you will need to create the embedding code. You can find examples on any YouTube or Stage6 site. You only need everything that is contained in the tag. Everything else is not needed.

If you do an upgrade, please compare the x_movie and x_movie_mod tables with the tables in the sql file. If you don't see height and width in your table please add them. This is not necessary if you are doing a clean install)

Please post all comments about errors here so I can fix them.


---- Download History
• Download History:
- Added ability to allow/deny registered users post access
- Fixed Upload of movie issue
- Fixed mpeg movies not playing

- Changed the way random and latest videos with thumbnails displays. Clicking on the movie thumbnail will now open the page on the site instead of opening a new page.

• Version: 2.6 Updated: Thu, 23-Aug-2007

- Fixed URL formatting for Divx links
- Fixed the way video's are resized to meet max resolution
- Added getID3 support
- Uploaded files, links and URL that are not in shockwave or quicktime format will try to be parsed for their attributes. (ex. width, height, time, bitrate)
- Added the ability to set the width and height attributes in the modify menu
- x_movie will now try and retrieve the thumnail of divx links and embedded code
- embedded code is now parsed for their size and width
- Added Divx support logo

• Version: 2.6 Updated: Fri, 24-Aug-2007

- Added admin main index menu
- Added php.ini information:
GD Library Support:
GD Library Version:
Safe Mode Status:
Register Globals:
Server Uploads Status:
Max Upload Size Permitted:
Max Post Size Permitted:
Max Time for running scripts:

• Version: 2.6 Updated: Mon, 12-Nov-2007

- Fixed Submission Form
- Fixed Parsing of YouTube URL Links

• Version: 2.54 Updated: Thu, 22-Nov-2007

- Made module more compatible with language packs
- Added Divx Logo
- Fixed Divx Icon not appearing near Divx movies
- Added support for Veoh website.

For Veoh thumbnails, you will need to right click on the thumbnail and copy the Image location then past it into the Image Url field.

• Version: 2.65 Updated: Thu, 31-Jan-2008

- Fixed File upload size restriction
- Misc Bug fixes.

• Version: 2.70 Updated: Tue, 11-Nov-2008

- Added Shadowbox 2.0 as the player for movies.
- Removed deprecated classes and cleaned up some coding errors.
- Updated to Xoops 2.3.1 standard.
- Changed the look and feel of the admin section.
- Made templates more css friendly.
- Replaced x_movie reference with Xoops Module Directory variable.

• Version: 2.71 Updated: Mon, 24-Nov-2008

- Fixed user submission form
- Fixed link for blocks to go to correct location
- Fixed navigation on viewcat.php
- Added image and upload path stats to main admin page

• Version: 2.80 Updated: Sun, 04-Jan-2009

- Added Featured Movie Block
- Replaced banner add
- Added the ability to used different banner on each movie
- Submit Video link will is now hidden if Anonymous post is set to no
- Added ability to set movie upload, image upload and banner paths
- Changed the look of movie view template.

Note: At the time of this update, latested version of divx web player crashes browser when playing movies. You can download the previous version of divx web player known to work from my download section.

Note: Xoops updater does not update your database with new tables. You must modify your database table x_movie and add the following fields after 'size':
Field Type Default
banner text '' (blank)
bannerlink text '' (blank)

• Version: 2.81 Updated: Mon, 05-Jan-2009

- Added RSS Feed

• Version: 3.0 Updated: Wed, 20-May-2009

- Fixed user submission form
- Fixed problem with Featured Movie block not playing flv movies
- Added Import Export tool
- Added RSS Feed
- Rewrote Submit functions
- Added FFMPEG Support for local videos
- External thumbnail urls can now be stored locally

• Version: 3.0 Updated: Wed, 20-May-2009

- Fixed Featured Movie not displaying the correct thumbnail size
- Fixed CSS issue on Submit page

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DH-Info Popular
Version: 2.21   Date:  16/9/2009
A module for static Content, which provides also its own navigation and option to create menus.

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Article Management System (AMS) 2.52 Final Popular
Version: 2.52   Date:  16/9/2009
While waiting for AMS 3.0 to be released, NovaSmart Technology proudly announce Article Management System (AMS) 2.52 Final to be released to the public.

AMS 2.52 is a bug fix release which should fix for blank screen at submit page due to improper phpp/xoopsforge Framework installation or Xoops Editor.
Whats New In AMS 2.52 Final:AMS 2.52 incorporate all AMS 2.51 features with improved stability. Thats mean, it more intelligent to see if all required library needed installed and it will disabled certain features if error occur instead of giving blank screen.
Whats New In AMS 2.51 Final:With this release, user will have new experience in submitting and editing articles with 3 best wysiwyg editors (FCK Editor, TinyMCE and Koivi) and built-in xoops editor. User also now have ability to choose whatever editor they like straight from the edit/compose form without admin intervention. For admin, they have full right to enable this feature and even to choose which editor they want to be available to user.

User also able to add new spotlight template painlessly, can attach template preview image and given access to the template variable manipulation through php script attached with the template. Simply put the template, template script, preview image accordingly and update/install the module, everything will be auto detect and setup accordingly.

Please note, AMS 2.51 Final now 100% compatible with XOOPS 2.3 and some graphic had been refreshed.

This release considered stable and ready for production site.
Fresh Installation
1) Just unzip package and copy to your xoops folder
2) Click administrator->system admin->modules
3) Click on AMS icon to install
How To Upgrade
1)click administrator->system admin->modules->AMS update (for XOOPS, it is box with green dot)
2)do that one more time (must): click administrator->system admin->modules->AMS update (for XOOPS, it is box with green dot)
3)go to administrator->AMS->preference. If you already have XOOPS EDITOR and phpp Framework, just press submit without changing anything (it is a MUST to update the database).
4)If you don't have XOOPS EDITOR please change this:
EDITOR : change to DHTML
ENABLE EDITOR CHOICE TO USER : No (just for to be safe. Not really needed)
Then press submit.
5) Clear your_xoops/cache, your_xoops/templates_c and your_xoops/xoops_data/caches (Xoops 2.3.x only)

What Is AMS
AMS is a highly modified version of the News 1.2 for Xoops, and adds a huge amount of features to give the webmasters a lot more control over their content while still maintaining an easy to understand and use interface. AMS is highly scalable, and is geared towards performance, and as such is well suited to large article repositories that attract high amounts of users.


Development of AMS started by before hand over to NovaSmart Technology later on.

The motivation behind AMS development is to produce Article management which is specially optimized for speed and ease the admin/article contributor job. Each feature added with performance in mind.

As a result, AMS is the best balance between good features and performance for large articles website compared to other XOOPS article modules. Read the detail study here

AMS actively develop by until 2005 before abandon. The development of AMS only takeover by NovaSmart and actively develop there start from middle 2007.

WYSIWYG XOOPS editor integration : Your choice of using the default Xoops editor or any editor provided by XOOPS editor; selectable via AMS preferences and submission form (FCKeditor, Koivi, TinyMCE, etc).

NOTE: You MUST install XOOPS editor separately before this feature can be used here
Advanced Spotlight management : Choose your AMS spotlight block layout from 6 different template layouts, and add unlimited spotlight blocks with the option to display article mini stats including total articles, total article reads and total article comments. The all new spotlight block administration area allows you to configure exactly how and where to display your AMS spotlight item. From here you can add new spotlight items, selecting the latest article, the latest article in a topic, a specific article, or use the custom setting to display an image or banner using straight HTML code. You can also set things such as what image to display, wether to use an auto or manual teaser, how many characters the auto teaser should display, what text a manual teaser should contain, whether to display the spotlight item in the spotlight block or not, and item weighting where the lowest weighted item is treated as the main spotlight item.
Complete migration and upgrade script : This script enables you to migrate all content, permissions and comments from all presently released version of the News module. It also enables you to upgrade from AMS 2.2.
View by topic revamped : The view by topic view has undergone a huge overhaul and now presents itself with much more emphasis on navigation via topic and sub-topic.
New breadcrumb navigation system: viewable in the topic and article views for easier browsing.
Topics Manager : Topics manager now has a topic weighting system so you can set the listing order when using the view by topic mode.
Article image selection : You can now select to display the user avatar in addition to the topic or no image when viewing an article.
Article versioning system : allowing you to maintain several versions of the same article of which any one can be edited, deleted or set as the active article at anytime
Banner management with inheritance system : so you can enter banner code to be displayed at a topic, subtopic and article level
Searchable article ID system: for knowledge base like article reference * Article linking to any item within your own site as well as any external web resource with link hit counter visible only to site webmasters
Link topics to any NewBB 2 forum: which when set displays a 'discuss' button at the bottom of each article under that topic
Blocks listing: most read, most popular and most active authors displayed as an average or as a total. Each block with built in article spotlight feature in one or two column format
Article information header: which gives you author, audience, published date, version number, article ID and read counter at the top of each article
Powerful article management admin console: that displays all articles vital statistics, has powerful filtering, searching and sorting functionality, and gives you access to all the administrative functions you need all in one spot
Audience level system: allows you to specify what groups are able to read the extended article text of each article
All the features of the News 1.2 ModuleCompatibility
XOOPS 2.0.x
XOOPS 2.2.x
XOOPS 2.3.x
ImpressCMS 1.0.x
XOOPSCUBE 2.1.x Legacy
AMS 2.51 Final vs AMS 2.42 FinalNew Features
Added - Check latest version from server (admin->ams->about)
Added - Spotlight block (left/center/right) template can be choose.
Added - Spotlight template can be added straight into template folder and auto detected when install/upgrade
Added - Spotlight templace can have additional php command (see example ams_block_spotlight_ams_right)
Added - Spotlight template can have preview. Just put into XOOPS/modules/AMS/images/spotlight_preview.
Added - ImpressCMS support.
Added - FCKeditor, DHTML,HTMLArea,FCK,tinymce
Added - User can select their favourite editor at submit form
Added - Admin can choose to allow user to select their favourite editor or not
Enhance - Topic permission can be set in Topic Manager
Enhance - About page updated, and put at administration tab.
Enhance - replace some topic image with new image
Enhance - AMS now not depend on phpp/xoopsforge Frameworks anymore
Enhance - replace all deprecated function in xoops 2.3
Change - ams_block_spotlight_xxxx.html change to ams_block_spotlight_ams_xxxx.html
Enhance - some topic image replaced
Enhance - Republish & Expiry date-time box now auto check/uncheck
Bug Fix
Fix Bug - Submit return blank page if didn't install framework from phpp/
Fix Bug - Topic name with an ' (apostrophe) in it, cannot change the weight of that Topic
Fix Bug - After edit, article will disappear for 10 minute
Fix Bug - Republish article didn't reset expiration date
Fix Security - Fix issue reported by trabis regarding potential sql injection in link.php
Fix Bug- AMS now TRULY not depend on phpp/xoopsforge Frameworks anymore (cause blank screen at submit form)
Language change:
Added - define("_AMS_MI_EDITOR_DHTML","DHTML");
Added - define("_AMS_MI_EDITOR_HTMLAREA","HtmlArea Editor");
Added - define("_AMS_MI_EDITOR_FCK","FCK WYSIWYG Editor");
Added - define("_AMS_MI_EDITOR_TINYMCE","TinyMCE WYSIWYG Editor");
Added - define("_AMS_MI_EDITOR_USER_CHOICE", "Enable Editor Choice To User");
Added - define("_AMS_MI_EDITOR_USER_CHOICE_DESC", "Enable user to choose which editor they want");
Added - define("_AMS_MI_EDITOR_CHOICE", "Editor Choices");
Added - define("_AMS_MI_EDITOR_CHOICE_DESC", "Choices of editors enabled to user");
Added - define("_AMS_MI_SPOTLIGHT_TEMPLATE","Spotlight Templates");
Added - define("_AMS_MI_SPOTLIGHT_TEMPLATE_DESC","Which template enabled to admin to be used in spotlight block");
Added - define("_AMS_MI_ABOUT", "About")
Remove - define("_AMS_MB_SPOTLIGHT_TEMPLATE_CENTER", "Minis Below Main");
Remove - define("_AMS_MB_SPOTLIGHT_TEMPLATE_RIGHT", "Minis Left of Main");
Remove - define("_AMS_MB_SPOTLIGHT_TEMPLATE_LEFT", "Minis Right of Main");
Known Issues:
- Image Manager not working in KOIVI. Work around is... Press "Image Manager" -> CHECKED "HTML" tickbox -> add image (from popup) -> UNCHECK "HTML" tickbox
- "Extended Text" WYSIWYG TinyMCE not working in PHP 4 environment. Its XOOPS Editor bugs, not AMS.

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Category Módulos
Indexscan 1.0 RC
Version: 1.0 RC   Date:  28/8/2009
Scan for missing index.html files in your xoops installation folders. If missing the link will be printet to screen so you can manually go to this adress. Or you can choose to let the script create the missing indexfile automaticly.

Tested by now multible users without any problems.

Should you incounter problems please email

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Category Módulos
X.S.N.I.F. Share Popular
Version: 1.0   Date:  24/8/2009
This module contains all the features of my Xoops S.N.I.F. module but it adds the ability to give each registered user a configurable amount of disc space to upload files that will be shared with other users.

You can set all of the Xoops S.N.I.F. features as well as configure the amount of space users get the allowed filetype's for upload and the option to activate each users upload privileges individually.

It consists of a upload page that locks the user to his root directory and the sub directories under it and a browse files page that allows users to view other users uploaded files.

You can also install multiple copies of this module by simply uploading another copy of it with a different module folder name.

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